It’s a family affaire. WITL: Fleurette Africaine

A great rehearsal with The Wind In The Leaves Collective last night, preparing for our performance of Fleurette Africaine this Friday the 17th. We’ve had a few rehearsals now, getting reacquainted with our repertoire. There have also been new additions to the collective, reshuffling of characters and parts, and evolution of choreography and staging. It is amazing to see how this show has evolved, from my beginnings with the collective. Once 4 performers on stage, we now boast 11, with 1 poet, 2 musicians, and 8 dancers. And lets not forget our photographer, visual artist, director, sound tech…With every new show, we are growing, evolving. Defining characters and relationships, finding deeper connections to movement and text, and becoming stronger and closer as a collective and family of artists. I am looking forward to what I’m sure will be the best performance yet!

Rehearsal highlights:

– new slave auction audio for the beginning of the piece “live iv”. Adds another layer , and sad reality to this slave trade theme.

– A pack of wolves after Charles Smith…. I attack with a smile.

– working with Olga B. and Kevin O. on my duet with the new ‘father’ Mikhail, hearing about Olga and Kevin’s first time collaborating on choreography, and the parallel with their movement.

– having Jasmyn bake me fresh cookies! :) Feel loved.

– Mikhail falling out of his roll over on the floor. I can finally pass on the torch of shame. LOL!

– New family portrait. With new faces, it’s a whole new story…

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