on the relationship being poetry and performance

recently, i've received some feedback about my performance of a poetry reading with dancers, music and video design.   the comments have given me pause to consider my practice as both a writer and performer and to position this contextually in the traditions and contemporary practice of black poets. my practice stems from my witnessing … Continue reading on the relationship being poetry and performance

#Black Lives Matter and Other Projects

well, if you've been keeping pace, we recently performed #Black Lives Matter: The Making of the Myth of Black Dangerousness.  with funding support from the ontario arts council and the jackman humanities institute, this performance combined both my poetry from 'travelogue of the bereaved' and non-fiction from 'the dirty war: the making of the myth … Continue reading #Black Lives Matter and Other Projects

anya wassenberg’s blog about one of our early performances

sometimes it is rather refreshing to look back on what critics have said about your work and to see the trajectory from then to now.  i want to thank anya wassenberg for her coverage of one of our first performances and her posting in the huffington post blog.  here's a link to that - http://www.artandculturemaven.com/2011/09/fleurette-africaine-multi-disciplinary.html

It’s a family affaire. WITL: Fleurette Africaine

A great rehearsal with The Wind In The Leaves Collective last night, preparing for our performance of Fleurette Africaine this Friday the 17th. We’ve had a few rehearsals now, getting reacquainted with our repertoire. There have also been new additions to the collective, reshuffling of characters and parts, and evolution of choreography and staging. It … Continue reading It’s a family affaire. WITL: Fleurette Africaine