On the uniqueness of Wind in the Leaves

in the landscape of toronto’s dance community, we occupy a unique space.  in looking at the african diasporic reach and the inter-relationships with brazilian and latino and amerindian expressions, we use various music genres. while we rely principally on contemporary improvisation (mostly in the jazz tradition), we also use western minimalism, folk and blues.  this is an interesting mix when combined with the poetry and dance.  for the dancers and choreographers, it really means taking what they know and creating in this space.  who would have thought that a colombian choreographer, olga barrios, would turn such wonders with ornette coleman’s ‘lonely woman’ or that brazilian choreographer/dancer amanda paixao would work such magic with solo acoustic guitar to such poems as ‘mumia’ and ‘daydreaming about my father’.  then there’s kevin ormsby and his brilliant dance/choreography for ensemble pieces like ‘conversation’ and solo work in ‘inner organs’.  the challenge for these dancers/choreographers is taking what they know into exploration with diverse musics.  the results, spectacular!!!!

6 thoughts on “On the uniqueness of Wind in the Leaves

  1. “On the uniqueness of Wind in the Leaves | Wind In The Leaves Collective” definitely causes me contemplate a somewhat
    further. I really cherished each and every individual part of it.
    Thanks for your effort -Dominique


  2. you’re very welcome!!! if you’re in toronto, our next performance is on may 10 and info will be up on the site later today!


  3. that is quite a comment and we’re all flattered!!! come see our next performance on may 10!!!!


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