wind in the leaves: a reflection by Kevin Ormsby

The work involved in creating a collaborative artistic product is never easy . Most of the members are experienced artists in their own right. Why join a collective where opinion and input matters but cannot all be taken into consideration for every project? What is our collective voice? This is one of my main questions and this collective voice I feel is the thread that holds the artistic elements together, creating the fabric of our artistic expressions. I like that others in the collective are always curious about how we articulate these expressions. wind in the leaves came out of a meeting at the house of our Artistic Director, charles c. smith. In an instant, we heard the GO Train and the leaves rustling in wind – each leaf different, yet connected to the ecology of artistic expression that is first, the backyard, then the city, and one day, the country – all with a world perspective.

The artists in the collective share a common understanding of culture, experience and how this vision of association can manifest itself artistically. As firm believers that the Arts reflect life, each artist breathes life into the collective understanding that the Arts is a inter-connected ecology of expression.

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