Brittnee Habbib

Brittnee is an African Contemporary Dancer, Producer and Creative Artist. For most of Brittnee’s life she was a National Gymnast, therefore her competitive nature always allows her to strive for the best. Brittnee has been in movies and videos as an actor, dancer and stunt double. Brittnee has danced with dance companies such as; Obeah Operah, which was featured in The Fall For Dance North Festival and Luminato, Ballet Creole, COBA (Collective of Black Artists) and The Next Edition. Brittnee is currently working on her own Dance Production which will be released in 2022. Brittnee is the Co-Founder of Girl Power’d, a program that uses gymnastics/dance and self expression to increase the self-confidence and the self-love of girls who identify as black. Brittnee majored in Communication Studies and has a double minor in French and Sociology. Brittnee’s interpersonal skills are one of her highest strengths, and she uses her voice to encourage the world by sharing important messages.

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