Atri Nundy

The passion for dance was formed at a very young age for Atri Nundy when she started learning Bharatanatyam at Sampradaya Dance Academy under her teacher Lata Pada. After completing her arangetram (graduation) in 2005, she continues to work as a teacher at Sampradaya Dance Academy and as a Company dancer and choreographer at Sampradaya Dance Creations. She has toured extensively in India, Indonesia and the UK and has performed in various prestigious venues across the nation. She has attended a variety of workshops including ones that have been conducted by highly acclaimed artists such as Harikrishna Kalyanasundaram, Priyadarshini Govind, Leela Samson and Mavin Khoo. She was also chosen to take part in Akram Khan Company’s first Classical Dance Intensive in November 2019 where she had the opportunity to work with Akram Khan and Mavin Khoo in an intimate studio setting.

While training in Bharatanatyam, Atri was fortunate enough to be able to train in various dance forms during her childhood. Her training has given her the interest to explore beyond the traditional realms of Bharatanatyam. She had an opportunity at Summerworks 2016 to participate in a duet with Neena Jayarajan called Broken Lines, choreographed by Nova Bhattacharya and has been working extensively with NovaDance ever since. She had the opportunity to work with Anandam Dancetheatre in 2018 for Nuit Blanche in Continuum:Pushing Towards the Light and Morphology (2019), choreographed by Brandy Leary. These opportunities have shaped the way Atri is now looking at dance, the way she is choreographing her own works and practicing repertoire.

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