Text  C+C. Allies & Friends with an image of a women's shadow dancing

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The performances in the series Wind in the Leaves Collective with Allies & Friends present a mixed bill of work by the Collective and work by likeminded artists at the Citadel + Compagnie several times a year. The series is about work that is interpreting, illustrating and reimagining poetry on stage through music and dance. Working experimentally and bold, the dancers are echoing the narrated poetry. Sometimes they tell a story, sometimes they are reflecting non-narrative themes in a new way, but they are always creating a unique visual, aural and visceral experience for their audience.

A photo with red lighting of a woman dancing.

Upcoming Event

Mallo Nights are all about connection: Socialising in a fun accessible space and connecting with poetry and dance! We are pairing poets with emerging professional dancers to create short, improvised performances pieces fusing language and movement. The poet reads their work, while the dancer responds in improvised movement and works intuitively through the poetry, exploring images and rhythm and in a moving meditation. Mallo Nights are held 3-4 times a year. We hope to see you there!

Call for performers: If you are a dancer who loves to improvise, or a poet who would love to see their work explored and reimagined by a dancer: We would love to connect with you!

Follow us on IG  @windintheleavescollective to see the next call for performers and apply. Any questions? You can reach us at windintheleavescollective@gmail.com!

Text: searching for Eastman. background overlay of a man's shadow, a door and stairs.

Upcoming Event

“Searching for Eastman” is what the collective has beendoing when exploring, reimagining and dancing key moments in the life of a fascinating and unfathomable genius, Queer Black composer, dancer, choreographer, and pianist Julius Eastman, based on Charles S. Smith’s poems.

At this time, the collective is developing a full-length performance “Searching for Eastman”, and they are excited about sharing the work in a performance workshop followed by a talkback.

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