The Jackman Humanities Institute & Wind In The Leaves Collective presented a performance and lecture: BlackLivesMatter: The Making of the Myth of Black Dangerousness. March 25 & 26, 2016 at  Aki Studio, Daniels Spectrum, Toronto, ON.

#BlackLivesMatter: The Making of the Myth of Black Dangerousness shows the vulnerabilities of Black bodies in diaspora and the resilience of these bodies as they face a dirty war of racist violence. BlackLivesMatter Program – PDF


Whispers a collaborative art project which  brought together the resonance between three artists: Maria Gomez Umaña (visual artist), charles c smith (poet) and
Judith Manger (cellist).

A collaborative performances showing notions of healing individually, as members of a community and as part of our planet. Ottawa Ontario, 2015. Whispers Program – PDF 


Download: Fleurette Africaine (Microsoft Word)


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