Walter Maclean

walter-headshotWalter Maclean was born in Germany to a ghanian father & a german Mother. He grew up in Germany & Ghana & started to play percussion while his family resided in Ghana in the 70’s. He has been a professional musician since the age of 17. Througout the years he has studied with re-Nownmaster’s of rhythm such as adjaaddy, nippynoya and rick gratton.

Walter has been living in Toronto, Canada since 1996 and is known to be a versatile and consummate musician. He has played traditional music for the like’s of Ballet  Creole, COBA, Luashayenne, Newtonmoreas, Alpha Rhythm Roots, Amadoukienou etc. As well more contemporary style’s (jazz,blues,calypso,R&B,calypso etc.) on the drum-kit with Kobot-Town, Donne Roberts, African Guitar Summit, Laura Hubert, Kingsley Etienne Trio, Dave West Group, Thriller Canada Tribute Band, Madagascar Slim etc. Since 2014 Walter has also worked and collaborated with the “wind in the leaves collectives “ on  numerous projects such as performances,recordings etc.