Robin Styba

robinstybaRobin Styba was raised in Ontario growing up in the suburbs, rural and city, Robin became intrigued by life, the similarities and differences. With a passion for performance, Robin engaged in figure skating, dance inspiring her current photographic work of constructed tableaux. Robin was introduced to photography by playing around with her sister staging portraits of them to create a dialogue as a way to pass childhood time. Combined with spending time looking through old pictures of her grandparents, her grandfather constructed large photographic montages from portraits from the old world to some images taken from magazines to images to date of its framing.

Robin has always had a passion for the arts. In photography, she found a voice for her insightful commentary on one’s place in the world. She is interested in the divergence between perception and reality. Robin’s still life and landscapes speak with the same voice and questionings of people and how they respond to land or objects.

A performance artist at heart, Robin creates tableaux, in a sense living portraits, into which she places herself and in the process captures a disarming moment of complete openness, awareness and sometimes vulnerability. She is an extremely courageous artist, unafraid to confront those parts of ones own psyche that most of us keep closely guarded. Through her work, one is allowed into a very private and spiritual world. The result is a reordering of the viewers perceptions and understanding.


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