Roshanak Jaberi is an Iranian-Canadian, performer, choreographer and producer. She currently sits on the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) Pluralism Committee and the Toronto Arts Council Dance Committee, and is the Associate Producer of the award winning company Expect Theatre. Roshanak graduated from York University with an honours degree in music, and has trained with celebrated dancers, musicians and theatre artists in Canada and abroad. As an artist, she is interested in creating work that is subversive, politically charged and socially relevant. Her choreographic work is inspired by African movement aesthetics, Middle Eastern sensibilities and a feminist perspective; and has been presented in Canada, US and Europe. Since 2010, she has been a collaborator on the project Political Prisoners: The Art of Resistance led by scholar and activist Dr. Shahrzad Mojab. Roshanak served as a juror on the Dora Awards and the Toronto Arts Council, has been a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto. She was also a top three finalist for the Soulpepper Theatre Dance Awards, and is former co-host of Toronto’s Evi-Dance Radio. Roshanak Jaberi Official Site


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