Melissa Noventa performs and teaches in wide range of dance genres, from ballet, tap and contemporary to jazz, hip hop, West African, Latin and Afro-Caribbean dance. She has worked with many distinguished artists and companies in Canada and abroad, including Adrianna Yanuzieullo (The Dance Migration); Sani Abu Mohammad (Ijo Vudu); Sarita Leyva (Iré Omó Afro Cuban Drum and Dance Ensamble); Newton Moraes (Newton Moraes Dance Theatre, with whom she toured Brazil in 2006); Rick Lazar (Samba Squad); Osunlade and the Yoruba Records Orchestra; Los Rumberos de Cuba, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Ocha Reo, Kokoyé and CUTUMBA in Cuba; and Milagros Medina (Havana, Cuba, and Dominican Republic).

Currently, Melissa teaches part-time at Gotta Dance Inc. while completing her Master’s degree in Dance Ethnology and a joint diploma with CERLAC (Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean) at York University. Her research focuses on Afro-Cuban folkloric music and dance.


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