Mayumi Lashbrook performs with an “electric” and “life-giving” connection (The Fringe Review, John Hinton). Her desire is that the audience is left with a rich and lasting experience. Born and raised in Toronto, Mayumi hasn’t stopped moving since age four. Her passions lie with exploring all possibilities of beauty, finite detail, and a raw elegance. She performs as a way to find connection, commonality and vulnerability in others. Mayumi is interested in, but not limited to, movement that is fluid, powerful, delicate, weighted, intricate, agile and impactful.

Mayumi graduated from Ryerson University’s Theatre Performance Dance program, on the Dean’s list She has since worked with Peggy Baker (Peggy Baker Dance Projects), Andrea Nann (Dreamwalker Dance & The Whole Shebang Burlington), Colleen Snell (Frog in Hand), Jennifer Robichaud (Larchaud Dance Project), Lauren Cook (Alias Dance Project), Aria Evans (Political Movement), and Lisa Emmons (Aeris Körper). Mayumi is a leader of Dreamwalker Dance’s Conscious Bodies methodology and has brought this to schools, dance studios, workshops and intensives. She was the 2018/19 Dance Coordinator for the Burlington Performing Arts Centre and recipient of the REAson D’etre Creating Contact residency in partnership with New Blue Dance in 2017 and of the multidisciplinary L’AiR Arts residency in January 2020 in Paris, France. Most prominently, Mayumi is the social media manager and Co-Artistic Director of Aeris Körper Contemporary Dance of which she performs, choreographs and produces work under.

Mayumi is an accomplished dance artist, choreographer, teacher, arts administrator and artistic director. Her different roles are all encompassing and overlapping. This enables her to approach projects and communities with openness, curiosity, excellence, skill and with deep satisfaction.

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