Lilia Leon is a Mexican-Canadian performing artist with Mestizo heritage, whose artistic practice is deeply influenced by her experiences as an immigrant living in Canada for over a decade. She has collaborated with a number of Canadian, Indigenous and Latin American artists as a performer, arts educator and choreographer in both dance and theatre. Lilia has worked extensively in community arts with Jumblies Theatre, Kaeja Dance, the wind in the leaves collective, as well as with Aanmitaagzi (Nipissing First Nation).
Some performance highlights include Penny Couchie’s When will you Rage?,(2013); Carlos Rivera’s I’m not the Indian you have in Mind (2012); And Aluna Theatre’s Dora-nominated Nohayquiensepa (2010), choreography by Olga Barrios. Lilia holds a BA degree in dance from York University (2004), and is a graduate of the Professional Training Program at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (2007). She has been a collaborator and choreographer with award-winning Jumblies Theatre since 2011, building her skills in working in multi-disciplinary and community-engaged projects. Through her work with Jumblies she has worked with participants of a broad age range, diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities who have fueled her passion for inter-disciplinary story telling.
She was a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council – Access and Career Development Grants 2013, through which she immersed herself in physical theatre and image- based source work with mentors Fiona Griffiths and Soheil Parsa. Parallel to developing her dance-theatre solo work Perdida, she is currently working as an interpreter and collaborator in multiple projects, all of them within a multi-disciplinary framework and tackling human rights and feminist point of views, including: Roshanak Jaberi’s Bus 678 (working title), Anita La Selva’s Stones project (working title), and Olga Barrios/ Snjezana Prujinic’s Stories that my Body told me. Lilia is embarking on a new and exciting path of pursuing further training in theatre and is currently a student at Professional Actors Lab.


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