A graduate of the dance program at York University Jesse Dell has worked as a contemporary dance artist for over a decade, performing across Canada and the USA while creating over ten original choreographic works. As a dancer Jesse has had the privilege of working with choreographers Peggy Baker, Aria Evans, Kate Franklin, Susan Lee, Shannon Litzenberger, Sharon Moore, Tracey Norman, Julia Sasso and Holly Small, as well as for Kaha:wi Dance Theatre under the Artistic Direction of Santee Smith, The Canadian Opera Company in The Barber of Seville, the National Arts Centre in I Lost My Talk, Larchaud Dance Project, The Scandelles and JDdance, a collective she co-founded in 2009. As a choreographer, Jesse has created work for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Dance Ontario, Toronto Fringe Festival and The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. As a film maker Jesse has presented short dance films with Dans Kamera Istanbul (JDd) and dance: made in canada/fait au canada. Jesse also enjoys her work as a costume designer, graphic designer, vocalist and dance teacher.


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