Since ASM Dance’s inception, Fyffe has choreographed and performed in the company’s growing repertoire, which includes: Warfare (an excerpt), Thank You, Living in a World, We Shall Overcome, Be Lifted Up, Shout!, Hosanna, Revive My Soul, Bruised Deceit, and Blurred Vision.

Fyffe’s dedication and thirst for creation and performance has led the company to many venues and subsequent opportunities. To date, they have performed in: Squigg Festival, Junction Arts Festival, Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, The Rivoli, CUSO-VSO Dance for the World Benefit, An Open Door – Blue Ceiling Dance Production, and Project Dance Toronto.

As an independent dancer, Fyffe has performed for KasheDance, Calu Entertainments, Linda Garneau and InDuo Danceworks. She has also been invited to perform and teach in the Project Dance Festival in New York City and Atlanta. In addition to this, Fyffe performed in the touring musical UMOJA at the Elgin Theatre in February 2008.

Over the past four years, Fyffe has created works for: Obsidian Theatre Group, Dramatic Change Youth Theatre, Oakwood Collegiate Institute dance program, Copper Coin Arts, Cathedral Productions at the Queensway Cathedral, and Kingdom Movement Dance. She also created a solo work titled “I have a Dream” that was aired on Rogers Television in the winter, spring, and fall of 2006.

Jasmyn Fyffe continues to teach, give workshops, and mentor young dancers in the community. She endeavors to use dance as a vehicle to communicate and address human issues and to create art that soothes the hearts and minds of her students, collaborators, and audiences alike.


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