Artistic Statement

The wind in the leaves collective engages in the choreographic creation of movement and poetic syncretism to develop and perform collaborative work involving diverse artistic disciplines. The collective’s approach provides for a unique view into a dialogue amongst artists on contemporary issues where each artist is able to collaborate, create and share, bringing her/his creativity to the collective’s work as an outlet for artistic exploration rarely seen in Toronto.

The collective is a group of artists from diverse disciplines working together to develop and present interdisciplinary performances using music, poetry, dance and various forms of visual art, e.g., photography, collage, video. The collective aims to provide several ways to present performances that engage artists from diverse backgrounds.

The collective’s inter-disciplinary approach allows for such engagement at several intersections, visceral, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. In this way, the collective seeks to be a multi-textured illustration of the concerns of our times and how these are expressed through diverse artistic mediums working collaboratively to connect to individuals and communities in a multicultural, multiracial society and a global community. The themes the collective is working on echo those of transnationalism, diaspora, globalization as well as the use/abuse of power and the marginalization that results from it and wounds both individual and collective psyches.

The collective tells the stories of leaves which, like people, become moved by the winds and who all have unique and interesting stories worth being told regardless of diverse identities, be it women, people with disabilities, ethno-cultural and racialized groups, immigrants and refugees, faith groups, the poor, Aboriginal peoples, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered peoples. Inclusivity in practice we feel should exist in everything that we do as artists and human beings.

The collective also explores the hope of individual and collective struggle in the face of personal and social abandonment, grief in the loss of life and the tearing of individuals’ away from their ancestral homes.

The passion and creativity the artists in the collective possess on the aforementioned issues connects them not only to the creative aspects of the work but also to the issues of social mobility and their own personal/historical connection to struggle, suffering, loss and hope whether in relationships within families or between dominant and subordinated communities historically and in our world today.


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